"Seeking First

the Kingdom of God"


Truth4Tots is an exciting program that immerses our children in the word of God, solidifying the biblical concepts with games, crafts, and other activities. 


Truth4Youth emphasizes the need for living a Christ Centered life thru the teenage years.

    Sports are a great way for Christian fellowship. We are blessed to be involved in the Heritage Volleyball League. This is a very well run league that encourages Church growth through Christian fellowship. We will be playing spring ball at the YMCA. The Next season begins in January.If you are interested in being apart of this exciting ministry please email the church's email at: truthbaptistwv51@gmail.com     

    Once the sun begins to peek out, the desire to be outside becomes strong. We at Truth love to embrace that, because of this we plan to be active in a Softball league. This ministry is controlled by the interest of the members. Please let us know if you desire to participate in this fun time of fellowship under the sun. 

    Beginning in the fall of 2004, Pastor Corey began working with the Football team at Riverside High School in the capacity of Chaplain. The Lord has greatly blessed this ministry and hundreds of players have confessed Jesus as their Savior. This ministry has also given rise to the idea of the 5th Quarter, which gives the students at RHS the opportunity to have a safe environment to meet and fellowship with their friends.

The Ministries of Truth Baptist Church will be updated as the Lord blesses and expands our ministry opportunities.

Our Ministries 
Jesus, through His word, commands us to teach by stating, “Teach them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you.” Therefore, Truth Baptist Church is committed to the growth of each Christian individually, the Family and it's Development, and the Youth and Children’s Growth and Development.
All ministries founded at Truth Baptist will fall under one of the following commitments:
1.        Commitment to Personal Growth

2.        Commitment to Family Growth

3.        Commitment to Youth and Children’s Growth